Pre-Medical Students Protest Change In Requirement To Cross Over To College Of Medicine By Femi Adeniji


Medical students in 100 level at the University of Lagos disrupted business and academic activities on Wednesday by shutting down the main gate of the institution in protest of the change of requirement that enables them to cross over to the college of medicine, idi araba to continue their studies.

Medical student at the university usually proceeds to the college of medicine, Idi Araba to continue their studies after their 100l at the main campus. The requirement that has been in place is to have 50% in the biological sciences, physical sciences and chemical sciences and a minimum of 2.5 CGPA, but the student clamored that the management changed the requirement towards the end of their second semester.

Pre Med Students Protesting

In an interaction with one of the affected student on the basis of anonymity, the student lamented that the issue had been tendered to the management for about three weeks but the management has been paying negligence to their cry and that they were just buying time and playing on their future which was why they have to result to a protest. He further stated that changing the requirement three weeks to their second semester examination is nothing but breach of agreement as there was a standing guideline that was given to them upon admission which was also stated in their student handbook.

Protesting Students with ULSU President and Speaker

The president of the Students’ Union, Comrade Mohammed Olaniyan, when speaking to our correspondence made it known that the union is in support of the students and that the students have a point in their agitation, he however pointed out that the change of the requirement is not just the decisions of the management but the change came as a result of the regulatory body of the medical profession.

ULSU Speaker Addressing Protesting Students

Speaking with the Speaker of the Students’ Union, Rt. Hon. Adeyanju Adeonipekun, He stated that the students’ union priority is to fight for the student and that as leaders and technocrat will go into consultations and consolidations with the management to proffer possible solutions.

However in a press release by the information unit of the University, it was made known that the professional bodies which regulates the Health Professions courses at the college of medicine have insisted on the enforcement of the quota upon which accreditation is hinged and the management at its meeting held on Wednesday, 27th January 2016 had approved the implementation of the re-arrangement to conform with the professional bodies quota in order not to lose accreditation.

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