OPINION: ULSU …An Abode of Random Zombies and Mere Opportunists


Remembering the Kalakuta-republic icon, makes me accept the fact that the generation of today’s leaders is nothing but, “a shattered hopeless hope”. But would it be right to agree with the fact that many of our dear Students’ united body are sick and losing their souls even though they never had one? In the last 21days the political space of the Giant of Africa has witnessed various demonstrations starting with the government vs workers, to that of Students’ demonstrations.

Amidst all of these issues, the most evident and paramount concern of our dear Students’ union leaders is misunderstanding and disagreement over policies resulting to extreme contest and chronic supremacy battle. While the Accounting-man at the centre expresses high level of administrative ignorance (considering his participation at the Constitution Drafting Committee and level of leadership trainings he got from the captains of the institution) by allowing his cabinet zombies shows great level of blindness towards administration and unionism, thereby committing serious political errors which if not considered, may result in what the Abami-Eda termed “Rere run”.

The truth at this juncture, as regard the level of orientation and capability of the executive soldiers is that the Commander of the soldiers is believed to be a mere opportunist thereby sounding the pong in ULSU as a reflection of the political culture inherent and manifested as a kowtowing head who finds it difficult to reconcile governance and accountability; the Aluta scribe who was a member of the 1st assembly of the union law house, has put many folks within the space to assert that the pseudo official scribe sees leadership as nothing but a call to absolute authority; a pecuniary scribe that incompetently begs for relevance through whatsapp broadcasts. The Aluta crier makes my world melancholic, whenever I sight her within our space, because she has done nothing so far, but to prove that; the academic discipline of any student has no influence on the application of common sense in normal situations when she cannot ordinarily interpret the content of our law-book even with the wig, the party-man who unethically and brazenly associates a communal office with nothing but the sordid exposure of vulture head and bump of irregular pregnancy- in his dream world, he’s Khaleesi with his office hovering around Malta- an abode of Game of thrones. It is vivid the Aluta soldiers are orchestrators of malfeasances and crass irrationalities.

The singular reason that the commander has failed to either on a daily or weekly basis – whether constitutionally or not tie either as a ram or dog, his zombies who will do nothing but make him irrelevant within the sphere, and create a mirror reflection of their indiscipline, ordinariness and lack of firm ideology.

UNILAG Senate Building

While some enemies of our united body in the Red-chambers had established an alliance with the executives, against the functionality of the law house and its giants, the top man of the house dancing around with the official moniker keeps on with the focus of moving the union forward. Is the house toothless or jawless, or even both? Even when their counterparts from other arena showed them what law making was by the impeachment of the union leaders at any point of committing political errors, but still struggle to learn the A, B, and C of the power of oversight. May the A..!! Forces save our toddler union.

Let someone advise the Commander at the centre that, in no democratic space should the executive act against the order of the law making organs, and as such re-orientate your soldiers on the need to respect the existence of the parliament as a vital institution in the achievement of the believed unrealistic tenure theme “movement for total transformation”, if not the honourables. It is also necessary to alter the mentality of the Aluta Scribe on the basis that, the executive can execute a program which has been canceled by the parliament; so far the fund-base is not the union’s account. Have it up there that, any money receive by union noted that the fund was gotten via the union’s name becomes a revenue for the union, and such money subjects to the dictates of the parliament.

The blind soldiers have been involved in various zombiean movements, ranging from getting free-meals from various eatries to collecting toll from private cars who make use of the union building parking spaces, as well as, violating the greatest constitutional provision by conducting programs and yamming-out the barn of the Union accounts, without the approval of the law-making house. Are our executives focused and committed towards achieving their promises? is this what they call “Movement for Total Transformation”? Our soldiers through their writer even deceived Akokites on the Pre-Medical students’ issue by telling us they had been able to reach an agreement between the institution’s captains and the concerned students. We are not zombies suffering from yellow fever; we are personalities of great intellects empowered by dogged vision.

It is evident that our dear union executives would appreciate a tenure span of over 220days in office, without the operation of doctrine separation of powers which must allow for checks and balances, as their real personalities were displayed at the Budget defense of the Union Legislative council. Am sure we don’t want a replica of the “Supreme Military Council” in our democratic space once more? From the words of Swami Sivananda; “if you do not know the laws of right conduct, you cannot form your character”, I’m so accurate to re-orientate the mentality of the Legal icon cum Aluta Parrot of our dear union? Ma, don’t because of the chocolates equate all black/white students of the first choice community as “kegs of disappointment”.

To my fellow Akokites, support the movement to build and strengthen our dear union. I leave you with the words of Bertolt Brecht; “The worst illiterate is the political illiterate. He hears nothing, sees nothing, takes no part in political life. He doesn’t seem to know that the cost of living, the price of beans, of flour, of rents, of medicines, all depend on political decisions. He even prides himself on his political ignorance, sticks out his chest and says he hates politics. He doesn’t know, the imbecile, that from his political non participation comes the prostitute, the abandoned child, the robber and worst of all, corrupt officials, the lackeys of exploitative multinational corporations”

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