DECAPITATION: The UNILAG’s antidote to headache


Don’t we have a right to an understanding agitation?

Have we lost our senses by being students?

Do we need to remain docile at the face of disservice and inefficiency and ineptitude?

We have been unjustly gagged.

In as much as the University of Lagos tries to cover its million’s secret, we refuse to be gagged on the path of truth. The University management as at April 8, 2016 acted out its ideological bankruptcy with its Immediate Closure of the University of Lagos still trying to cover its mess just like it has always done. A simple, non-violent protest by concerned students to ventilate her dissatisfaction towards: Inadequate supply and shuffling of Electricity, Scarcity and intentional hoarding of Water (Sachet Water), and also hike in the prices of goods and food, all attributed to dollar increase, among other issues.

All the students requested for was an address from the VC as the school head and Public Administrator instead he took a turnaround to a satanic, luciferous and immoral thought and act because we disharmonized with the silent suffering going on in campus by employing men of the Nigerian Police Force, armed to the tooth to assault and pick up armless and harmless students. Here, whatever ill luck is generated from this as a result of the action of the heavily armed men, these would be attributed to the management of the University of Lagos and also will face the brunt.

The students of the University of Lagos has endured this bitter, unconducive and threatening experience for long thus staged a protest to reveal all of these but for the School to ameliorate its image, it had the school shut down accruing it to intangible reasons of breakdown of law and order. It is high time we communicate to the management that protest has gone intellectual and has transcended the era of vandalism and thuggery.

When there is a difficult solution, we should not compound it by embarking on school closure rather proffer solutions. In as much as we agitate for better welfare, we anticipate a University of Lagos that runs on a full academic calendar without closure which will. Truly corroborate its first choice institution and Nation’s pride.

The Press Club, UNILAG, hereby courteously requests that the school rescinds her decision and addresses the issue as swift as possible hence proffering solutions to the above stated agitations rather than covering up its mess.


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