“ULSU Misled Majority” – Former Deputy DSA


In a recent interview with Dr. Kayode Adebayo, former deputy Dean One of Students’ Affairs and currently consultant to Student Affairs, University of Lagos, Dr. Adebayo highlighted the misadventures of the current ULSU administration and according to him ULSU misled majority of students.

Dr. Adebayo expressed strong disappointment towards the issues created out of “non-existing” issues. The Press Club, University of Lagos brought his points home to be free from misinterpretation. Every statements therefore attributed to Dr. Adebayo;

  1. On the shutting down of school: ” it was a violent protest, vehicles of police damaged, individual vehicles, people were slapped and beaten”.
  2. On the re-absorption oath: “it only means that when I return to school, I am going to be a good student and a good ambassador of the school. Staff, Students’, everybody signs such document”.
  3. On the protest: “People have some other agenda, unfortunately, very few people and the rest of you who are ordinary innocent people are just following. …These small group have the capacity, they are wizards in their own thinking, they can create and manipulate things”.
  4. On the re-absorption conditions: “What is guaranteed is, human beings have the right to ask questions, nobody said you cannot ask questions, nobody said you can’t protest”
  5. On the admission conditions: “Its criminal to take up two Full-Time studies simultaneously, either in same school or different schools. Professional programmes are are not included, its not a regular school”.
  6. Why everybody must be made to sign an undertaking for the protest staged by ULSU “If your leader has his own personal ego, a remote cause of leading you to violence is already established. Where he/she is suppose to use common sense to sort out issues, he will opt for the option of violence. I may as a leader, have a cover up of issues I have committed and I want to use it as a cover up”.”Some of them who have things to answer, at the appropriate time, they will answer questions. It is not impossible that those reasons must be part of why, I think, they misled majority”.
  7. On Restoring ULSU: “Nobody is thinking about that for now, what is important is getting settled for academic works”.

He concluded by saying, “The challenge I throw to you – seek the TRUTH, go and seek what exactly transpired. Refuse to be misled and ASK QUESTIONS

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