On a welcome note, The Press Club, University of Lagos welcomes you back on campus.

The University has been opened, while closed, we had nostalgia of happenings in school, it is as a result of happenstance that we found ourselves rightly or wrongly in a rather suggestive protest.

After several chains of events; Students re-absorbed, ULSU “suspended”, examination fixed, et cetera. Yet students are back on campus and normalcy returns.

It is on this note that we congratulate the university community, despite all odds and crunched faced, no life was lost on the account of the crisis as it was experienced in other institutions.

We hereby commend the school management for their managerial resolve to prevent break down of law and order, we as well commend the students for being law abiding and their doggedness whilst understanding that the right to freedom of speech remains.

Though protest is over, school opened the suspension of the union is still an issue, the option of dialogue is now seen as the best option which is highly recommended for future grievances.

In view of this, the fact remains that nothing can be compared to an independent student unionism and on this note we call on all stakeholders not to desist from contributing to the restoration of the Union.

We will also like to inform the students that the university has procured a gadget to detect and ascertain the level of substance abuse in students; this commendable act is as a result of the university’s zero tolerance for drug abuse. We hereby enjoin students to desist from drugs as the penalty for this misconduct is expulsion.

On a final note, the Press Club, University of Lagos wishes all students success in the upcoming examination while also stating that we remain resolute as the fourth estate.

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