The Faculty of Law, University of Lagos, on Thursday the 18th of August received the university counselling unit in its faculty on a campaign against the abuse of drugs with the theme “Life as we don’t see it”. The programme which started at the Law Annex by 11am was hosted by the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Atsenuwa.

The programme had in attendance the Dean of Students Affairs duly represented by the Deputy Dean l, Student Affairs, Dr. Karo Ogbinaka, also present was the registrar of student, Student Affairs Division Mr. Yusuf.

The school counselling unit partnered with other organization who are also in on the campaign against the abuse of drugs such as the Paroche reach-out foundation a non-profit making and non-governmental organization with a mission to enlighten young people on the dangers of substance abuse and addiction, it also provides rehabilitation to addicts.

The KB Club, an anti-drug abuse club at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos were in attendance, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) also sent representatives too were of immerse support to the unit in the quest of rooting drug abuse of the university community.

The programme kicked off with the opening prayers followed by a welcome address by the Law Students’ Society President, Mr. Ajayi Adewale, followed by a speech by the dean of student affairs represented by Dr. Karo Ogbinaka and the Dean of the Faculty who actually said that 70 student of the university are on the expulsion list on drug related issues hence the need to sensitize student on the harm of substance abuse and the adverse effect it has on their academic progress and health and family life.

The lecture by the team from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency led by Mrs. Felicia really opened up students understanding to what drug abuse was and it dangers she also gave one of the theme songs of the agency’s campaign against drug abuse, she gave example of drug abuse victims the agency has rehabilitated and also brought hope as addicts can actually receive help and be rehabilitated and be integrated into the society again.

Mrs. Felicia classified drugs into illicit and licit drugs and explained the difference between the two describing licit drugs as drugs prescribed by doctors and are usually called soft drugs while illicit drugs are unprescribed drugs that are harmful to the body and was the main reason for the lecture. She also listed some factors that lead to substance abuse such as peer pressure, unemployment, frustration.

She also described some drugs that are socially acceptable but are harmful to the society or individuals such as stimulants like kola, cannabis sativa (marijuana), caffeine, depressants (sleeping pills), narcotics cocaine and recently hallucinogens which cause loss of the teeth. Pictures of victims of substance abuse was also displayed by the theme and were mostly of show biz and role models. The programme also had survivors of substance abuse who gave account of their ordeals with these harmful substance with some of them been mentally derailed as result of the abuse.

The programme ended by 2pm with an announcement of the grand finale at the main auditorium on the 31st of August and the closing prayer.

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