The University of Lagos is indeed the school of First Choice and the Nations Pride. This is not only evident in the academic standard but also, the tradition of the civil generation produced by this citadel.

Over the past few years, the UNILAG community have enjoyed a cultism free environment. It is therefore pertinent that there be a war against any vices that may tend to resurrect the dead dog of cultism on campus.

Moving through Hall of Residents, Biobaku Hall for example, passers by will notice students and non- students alike gathered in their numbers, in different groups smoking mostly marijuana, it is not far to say that if this is left to go on, we may then be awaiting the welcoming of cultism back on campus. This is evident in the information by the student affairs division that most of those who commit offences such as theft and assault has been traced to students abusing drugs.

It is then right to say that the war against drug abuse is coming at the right time from the stable of the Office of the Vice Chancellor, students Affairs Division and of course the counselling unit with other affiliated organisations and students association such as the Kb club, the faculty associations, some Halls of Residence and the drug free club. With the procurement of a device that can test for drugs by the management, and the recent campaign to orientate and re orientate students on the effects of drugs abuse, it is clear that in no distant time, we shall meet the target of having a drug free university of Lagos.

We hereby appeal to students who are into drugs to seek help from the counselling unit of the university as soon as possible.

It is on this note that we commend this great move by the management through the operations of the counselling unit of the Student Affairs Division. However, in the quest of sanitizing those in the system, and in other not to be recruiting more drug abusers which will then lead to  recurrence of flooding our campus with drug abusers, The Press Club, UNILAG hereby recommends that drug screening should be part of the admission screening exercise. It is our view that with this, while we painstakingly war against drug abuse on our campuses, we will not  be recruiting another set of drug wars.

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