Commercial And Industrial Law Department Holds Maiden Public Lecture Series by Adedayo Adebiyi


The faculty of law university of Lagos commercial and industrial department held the maiden edition of its public lecture, the first of its series on Wednesday 7th of September 2016 at the law annex. The program started at about 11:31pm with the opening prayer by professor C.K Agomo the grandmother of the faculty, the program had in attendance professors and lecturers of the commercial and industrial law department and also other departments from the faculty and the university, senior advocates of Nigeria (SAN), principal officers of the university, legal practitioners and students from the faculty. The vice chancellor of the university was present represented by the deputy vice chancellor academics and research professor Toyin Ogundipe.

The welcome address was given by the head of the commercial and industrial law department professor John Abugu, he thanked invited guest for gracing the occasion and official opened the ceremony. The dean of the faculty professor Ayodele Atsenuwa also came up to give a remark and commended the department for convening the program and also appreciated the invited guest for coming too. The deputy vice chancellor of the university representing the vice chancellor also gave a short speech commending the department and faculty for the initiative andalso mentioned that the university would support such programs as this, he further encouraged students to take part in programs such as this as it was more beneficial to protests and enjoined students to learn to respect other people’s opinions. The last dignitary to speak before the lecture was the chairman of the occasion in the person of Mr. Obi(SAN) who finally opened the lecture.

The lecture was given by the guest speaker Mr. Chidi Ilogu (SAN) an expert in maritime law practice with vast knowledge in the field he has many honors to his name academically and social, he is a senior partner in the prominent maritime law firm Foundation chambers and has authored books one of which is ESSAYS ON MARITIME LAW AND PRACTICE IN NIGERIA, he gave a lecture on the topic contemporary issues in Nigerian maritime law & practice he discussed extensively on the topic from policies to law that have been made by the Nigerian government and the extent of its effectiveness, he also talked about the cabotage act and the reasonability of some of the sections in the act for instance on the issues of operation of vessels by shipping companies, he also explained the international standard of instituting an action in maritime law and the international law or order that Nigeria follows. He concluded by recommending reforms in certain areas of maritime law as particularly with the change in the trend of maritime law internationally. The department appreciated the guest speaker and other special guests such as Taiwo Afolabi of SIFAX group a maritime company, the chairman of the occasion plaques for their contribution to the program.

The program ended with the vote of thanks given by professor Adejoke Oyewunmi and the closing prayer.

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