UNILAG Student Advocates Selflessness: Volunteers for Campus Programmes, Gives Free Photo shoots till December by Chukwu Daniel


In the face of economic recession and dwindling price of the naira to the US dollar, a UNILAG student and photographer, Adebayo Johnson, has volunteered to cover programmes in school while giving models free photo shoots till December this year.

Johnson, a 200 level student of Actuarial Science and CEO of Johnson Blaqq Photography and Diamond Prince Paints on Saturday, started his free photo shoots with about five models taking advantage of the opportunity.

One of the model, Anora Steve, while expressing how happy she was for the free photo shoot, showered accolades on Johnson saying he’s cool and very easy to work with.

“He understands those he works with and they (the models) should endeavour to work with him because working with him for the first time was very nice and I believe they will learn a lot,” she said.

Meanwhile, Johnson who was formerly studying Engineering in the University of Lagos before switching to Actuarial Science has also said that what drives him is beyond economic gains saying they are only temporal.

He said: “a lot of people are doing photo shoots but what makes mine unique is the fact that ‘free’ is attached to it and I am delivering quality in addition.

“I am doing it primarily to give back to the community that has helped my businesses to grow thus far.

“Although money could come at the end, but I’m trying to show them it is not only about the money.

“Since I’m also looking to tap into the market, it is also a form of awareness that I’m trying to create for my business. It is often said that if you want to go fast, you can go alone but if you want to go far, you go with people.

“So I’m looking forward to working with a whole lot of people who can attest that my photos are good and consequently refer me to others.”

Having been in the photography business for five years, Johnson has also expressed desire to push Diamond Prince Paints, a paint manufacturing and application company he founded a year ago to greater heights.

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