Health, they say is wealth, but while finding and creating wealth for ourselves and others, we could knowingly and unknowingly harm our health (in the service of mankind). Occupational hazards are hazards experienced in the field and area of work. In the health sector, these include HIV/AIDS from needle prick and more, EBOLA from contact, Hepatitis from contact, Tuberculosis among others.

Overtime, Occupational hazard has been a significant cause of ill-health and demise of health professionals, in and around the world as a whole. The case of Dr Adadevoh during the Ebola saga and all those other unsung health care service provider heroes that have at one point or the other laid their lives down for health cause, rings a bell in our hearts.

July 28th is the annual Worlds Hepatitis Day (themed; Know hepatitis – Act now, for 2016) celebrated globally. And in commensuration of this, SEHAM DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE, Lagos in conjunction with CMUL are screening and vaccinating all CMUL students of and against the killer viral disease – Hepatitis B (and for those positive with the virus, they are referred to the hepatitis clinic in LUTH also in collaboration with SOGHIN – Society for Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Nigeria). The program held from Thursday 18th of 2016 to Monday 22nd of 2016, covering all levels and departments in CMUL/LUTH.

This initiative is a progressive process towards a healthy health care team which translates into a healthy population and in turn a wealthy nation, because indeed “health is wealth”. More of this programmes should be brought more often to the school environment and apart from the future health care professionals benefiting from it, that is student, the non-academic staffs and practicing professionals too should benefit from it; because whether we like it or not, occupational hazards are reducing and killing our highly insufficient health professionals in Nigeria and our world in general.

On a final note, anyone and everyone can be at risk or infected by hepatitis virus and an estimated 95% of people with hepatitis are unaware of the infection. So, get tested, know your status and act now!

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