The program which held on Wednesday, 18th of January 2017 at the senate chamber of the University started around 10am with the Vice Chancellor of the University Professor Rahamon Bello in attendance with other principal officers of the University. Also present at the Press Conference were the Dean of faculties and Director of various Departments.

The Vice Chancellor read the series of activities to take place for the 49th convocation ceremony which begins on Monday 23rd January to Thursday 26th of January 2017.Tthe Vice Chancellor announced that all former Vice Chancellor of the University who had not been   honored would be rewarded for their contribution to the University by having an infrastructure in the University named after them, the infrastructures include the Main Auditorium to be renamed after Professor J.F Ade Ajayi, Second Access Road to be renamed after Professor Akinpelu Adesola, Radiography Hall of Residence to be renamed after Professor Kwakwu Adadhevo, the Distance Learning Institute(DLI) Auditorium to be renamed after Professor Nurudeen Alao,the Multipurpose Hall to be renamed after Professor Jellili Adebisi Omotola, the Staff School Hall is to be renamed after Professor Tolulope Ogungbemi. The unveiling of the name would be the first activity of the convocation week followed by the convocation lecture to be delivered by Dr. Kayode Fayemi, CON; Minister of Solid Minerals Development.

The graduation ceremony would take place in three days beginning on Tuesday 24th January to Thursday 26th January with the awarding of First Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and the announcement of prize winners for the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Social Sciences for the first day, the second day convokes students from the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, faculty of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Dental Sciences, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of law , Faculty of Pharmacy and the Distance Learning Institute, the third day is for the conferment of distinguished Professorship to Professor Babajide Ibitayo Alo ,Professor Olukayode Amund , Professor (Mrs.) Cecilia Ihuoma Igwilo , Professor Jim Ijenwa Unah. Also the conferment of Honorary Degree to Alhaji (Dr) Abubakar Ibn Umar Garbai El-kanemi CFR Sheu of Borno(BSc public administration), Professor Ayodele Francis Ogunye(BSc Engineering) Professor John Pepper Clark (Doctorate in literate) and the conferment of Emeritus Professorship on Professor Osato Frank Giwa -Osaige OON, COL. Award of Doctorate Degrees and Higher Degrees of the school of post graduate and best researcher award.

The Vice Chancellor also announced that the University would be graduating the highest number of students in the history of the institution with 12,617 graduating students, 6,900 with first degrees or diplomas, 5,717 with post graduate degrees, 231 first degree graduates with first class, topping the list is engineering with 46 first class students 1,705 with the second-class upper division, 2,932 in second class lower division, 1,372 in third class,103 with pass degree and 517 unclassified degrees. The University this year has two students graduating with a 5.00 CGPA Miss. Bankole Taiwo from the Department of Cell Biology and Genetics and Miss. Omotuyi Oyindamola Ajoke from the Department of Systems Engineering. 5,420 post graduate students would receive masters degrees and 95 students would receive doctorate degrees.

The Faculty of Arts would graduate 598 students, Business Administration 597 students, Medicine 395 students, Education 971, Engineering 445, Environmental Science 404, Law 240, Pharmacy 176, Sciences 853, Social Sciences 753 and Distance Learning Institute 1,138 students.

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