COMPSSA ELECTIONS 2016/17: The wind of change is blowing! by George Uchendu, CMUL


From the streets of Washington DC to the hostels in the College of Medicine, University of Lagos CMUL/LUTH, the whole electioneering process of the last COMPSSA (College of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences Students Association) election seemed to carry the above statement. Over the last couple of years, COMPSSAites have yearned for quality and visionary leadership, a leadership with long lasting legacies and the yearnings continued, even into the last administration. The outgone administration christened THE DREAM TEAM by the immediate past provost (Prof. F. T. Ogunshola) showed lots of promises but delivered very little. This disappointing performance coupled with pent up frustration from previous years administration meant that the elections was going to be crucial in determining the further existence of COMPSSA as a union as some students were already calling for the nullification of the union.

Back to the elections, the last time an election was this heated up was in 2013 (between BIB and ALAGBADA). Various factors made the elections one to anticipate; the poor performance of the outgoing administration, 3 outgoing executives coming back in various positions, more than 1 presidential candidate and the emergence of a darkhorse in the presidential race (TRIPLE A).The last factor especially, gave the election a semblance of the USA elections going on at that point. Issues like the late inauguration of the electoral committee, wrangling between the “House of Lords” (Our own Senate house in CMUL) and the president as regards the final congress and rumours flying all over the place about some of the candidates made the election atmosphere tense.

Moves were made, consultations done at the dead of the nights, strategies plotted, rumours carried around but probably the most important thing during this period was that the student populace was talking – everyone was involved, no one could calm ignorant. COMPSSAites were getting involved. The vibe was electric, the feeling was more or less like ‘enough is enough’. Some COMPSSAites were of the opinion that nobody from the outgoing administration should be reelected as they had failed the people. This showed how personal people had taken the elections. The presidential election with 3 candidates (AY AGBAJE, SureGEORGE, TRIPLE A) was the classic case of experience vs fresh blood, favorite vs underdog, popular vs unknown. These candidates went around canvassing for support, for votes, making promises upon promises and trying to allay fears. Accusations were made by various camps and surely counter accusations followed. With the turn of events, the election was destined to be dicey as nobody was sure of where the pendulum would swing towards.

The electioneering process climaxed with the voting day as COMPSSAites coming out in their numbers to vote for their preferred candidates. After all said and done, the change chain was completed as the “underdog”, “unknown” and “fresh blood” TRIPLE A – Adunmoye Ayoade – emerged as the COMPSSA PRESIDENT with almost double the votes of his opponents and no outgoing executive coming back.

The result was a huge testament to the fact that COMPSSAites wanted change, a break from the norm and their votes gave them that. It is also an eye opener to future administrations; WORK OR GET KICKED OUT! No longer will COMPSSAites be held to ransom by failed promises as they will be involved with the administration from the get go.

And at the inauguration of the new COMPSSA executives on the 18th of January, 2017, with the provost, DSA, ACEO among other top CMUL officials seated, a total new ball game was set into motion for the whole of COMPSSAites and the entire College environment. Below is the link to the inaugural speech of the new COMPSSA president…


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