It is no news that electricity supply in the School of First Choice, University of Lagos is in a very bad state. Though the management has attributed the fault to the national supply of power which invariably has affected supply of power to the university, however, despite the supposed excuses given by the university management, it is expected that certain measures should have been taken by the university to mitigate the difficulties that would occur from its unavailability at crucial times, particularly in a university that base almost all its activities on the availability of electricity. There are certain areas that the unavailability of electricity has really affected on campus.

First, the library which is like the second home of most students on campus is fast becoming the worst place, apart from the fact that it is terribly hot(which makes it difficult to assimilate) when electricity is not available, a situation which is unavoidable in a library built in a way to regulate its temperature, in other words, a library built to be fully air conditioned with an underground library that has little access to ventilation, worst of all is the pitch darkness that covers the stairways when electric power ceases making it very dangerous for students to ply the stairs least we start having students with missing teeth or concussions. At least a rechargeable lamp would not be too bad for the school to fix on the stairways for times of electricity outage which seems to be the order of the day.

Second is the hostels, this is the first home of students on campus, and unavailability of power supply is a major problem prevalent in the hostel among other things that are not working. As a matter of fact, the mode of getting the electricity is in a deplorable state, apart from sleeping and waking up in the middle of the night feeling like “akara” in hot oil, the major dilemma is that of cooking in the hostels, many times, students would have started cooking and the power would go off for hours, students are forced to continue their cooking in the middle of the night or risk their foods getting spoilt, this issue is becoming more than a nightmare especially for students who depend solely on their food stuffs and needs to cook.

Although, as it is presently, the school cannot provide or supply electricity adequately to the university community, it should however provide measures to cushion the effect of the unavailability of electricity, having a consistent roster for electricity duly communicated to the university community for example would not be a bad idea, at least students will be assured of electricity at a particular time and work their way around the timetable for anything they have to do with electricity.

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