On Wednesday, 15th of March, 2017 at the New Great Hall, College of Medicine University of Lagos, the largest student body and union in the college – College of Medicine and pharmaceutical Sciences students Association (COMPSSA) – organised her Freshers orientation program, bringing together over 200 newly resuming students into the college, to welcome and enlighten them on the state of things and issues ongoing in their new host environment.

One of the major issues tackled was on “Security”; as the Chief Security Office (CSO) of the College, Mr Obiaje Mike, was invited to do justice to this. During his session, he stressed on why the students need to be security conscious and alert, during both day and night periods, in and out of the school premises, as long as they have the school’s ID cards on them and are still recognised students of the institution. As whatever is done anywhere and at anytime, that is against the law and constitution could be reported back to the school security office. Also, in attendance was Prof. Anigbogu (Department of Physiology), to welcome the student and encourage them, as his department courses are common to all Freshers across the college, irrespective of their courses of study or departments. The Director of Students Affairs also graced the occasion among many others.

Speaking with the COMPSSA executives on this program, the financial secretary – Mr Akanji Sodiq (400L MBBS student) – mentioned some of the challenges that was faced in the course of holding the program, some were; availability of electricity to power the hall for the event, turn out of the students on time for their own program due to lecture timing, stretching the program of event past the scheduled time and even starting very late (which is not uncommon in Medical school). Complementing the school in their lapses of the previously organised Orientation program for the freshers by the school, which lacked – majorly – publicity, as some of the students the orientation program was for or even the various students bodies executives didn’t get to know about it until a day or two to the event, which made the Orientation program loose its purpose and effect. Seeing this, COMPSSA repackaged an Orientation program for the freshers, so they do not loose out on the knowledge needed to survive in the school.

In the speech of the Lord Chancellor of COMPSSA – Mr Micheal Arowolo (500L Physiotherapy Student)- he emphasized on excellence, disciple and acquiring knowledge, which was the students primary assignment in the college. According to his words “… its rather saddening that quite a number of COMPSSAites are not constitutionally inclined… its patriotic of each and every one to be perturbed about the affairs of COMPSSA. So many know about the executive arm but have little or no knowledge about the legislative arm i.e. House Of Lords (HOL). The House of Lords in conjunction with the executive arm of COMPSSA make up the student union. I hereby urge everyone to get involved, be constitutionally oriented and know your rights. According to A1S2SS4 – The hallmark of the governing bodies of the COMPSSA and their organs shall be protection and safeguarding of the members interest…”, after which he welcomed the students once more and wished them all a fruitful stay in the college.

The president of COMPSSA – Mr Ayoade A. A. (500L MBBS) – gave the his remarks, appreciating all and sundry, especially his executive and school management for the success of the program and also reminded the audience of the other continuation events put in place for the freshers; which were the “Novelty Match” in the evening on one of the Schools’ pitch and the “glow in the dark” party later at night at the tennis court. Performance for the day was by The Poet Clem (Clemency Green, also a student of the college).


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