The Speaker of the Nuesa Parliament, Hon. Adewale Onagbesan has revealed more on the suspension and reinstatement saga of Hassan Surajudeen-the President of Arts and Social Sciences Education Students Association (ASSESA).

In an interview with The Press Club Unilag correspondence, the speaker dismissed the insinuations by the public that the reinstatement was prompted by the letter of the executive council condemning and rejecting the actions of the parliament. According to him, they lacked all constitutional rights to move such motion. He further stressed that the reinstatement was as a result of the letter of apology tendered by the suspended president. According to him, the letter addressed all the allegations of contempt levied against him particularly as regard him walking out on the house and not bowing to the maze at the inaugural sitting.

In response to further question on the allegation that the suspension was as a result of witch-hunt, the Nuesa speaker revealed that the suspended president was not the only departmental president that walked out on the house and refused to bow to the maze. He explained that a warning was passed across to them to all tender a letter of apology which was to be submitted on or before 72 hours and copied across all notice boards in the faculty. While the other presidents tendered their letters of apology within the stipulated time, the suspended president refused to tender his own letter which led to the resolution of the house moving a motion for his suspension. It was this motion for his suspension by the house without a counter seconder with 13 honourables against 4 that led to his suspension.

Adewale also stated that the parliament is not interested in witch-hunting any one, but the house will not neglect its constitutional duties of checkmating the executives. He further assured that the house has structures in place to checkmate the honourables too as a response to the popular saying of “who is checking the checker”


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