Students of the University of Lagos has declared an Instagram user known as Woli Arole Persona non grata on its campus over negative comments against the students and the University in the guise of comedy.

300 level female students of the Faculty of Law protested against Arole performing at a social event tagged #The Event which held at the J.F Ade Ajayi Auditorium.

The students who noted their displeasure against the slanderous statements made by Arole against them warned the organisers of #theevent not to allow Arole perform lest they disrupt the event. The students also conveyed their displeasures and warning to the Student Affairs Division of the University.


In a bid to maintain peace on campus, the Students Affairs agreed to the demands of the students. It was gathered that the organisers consequently intimated Arole on the development, advising him not to come into the campus. However, other irregularities pertaining to #theevent were also discovered which led to the eventual shut down of the event.

Woli Arole is said to have made several negative comments against the University and its students. Notably among them is one posted on kraks TV were he specifically made a slanderous statement against the University’s 300level female students of the Faculty of Law. It was gathered that this especially led to the student resisting him performing at the University.

In response to the action against him, Arole immediately posted on his instagram page what some considered a swift turn statement saying it is the first time he said something positive about the University.

The 300 level law students have also vowed to sue Arole for slander.






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