Meet Adedayo Adebiyi, a 400 level law student of the University of Lagos. Adedayo has distinguished herself not just in the norm of oratory skills common with lawyers but also possessing a dynamic writing style. To those who know her, Adedayo is a book addict, but certainly not a nerd, she has spread her horizon and have rose up the ladder to become the current General Secretary of The Press Club , University of Lagos. Though Adedayo enjoys meditating and solitude, she can be a comedian and an extrovert too especially when among her peers. Adedayo recently released an article published on titled:MY MIND, the article has since being receiving lots of feedback and have been adjudged to be the best article for the week. In view of this, we present her as our Icon of the week.


Adebiyi adedayo


18 January 1995

Dept and Level

Law 400level


Best Food

Fried rice and chicken, ice cream (very good ice cream)


Best color

None really……maybe black

What are your interests and inspiration ?

I love reading novels& books all types of books except horror ,singing…I’m actually a good singer ,sleeping, I love meditating, writing. Situations around me actually inspires me, favorable circumstances make me want to do better or be better, unfavorable circumstances inspire me to get out of that circumstance or not allow a repeat that situation preferably

Why The Press Club,  UNILAG?

I didn’t know about the press club until my second year in school, so when I got to know about I knew it was a place where I could meet people with like minds and people I could relate comfortably with on the same level because we share the same passion, writing.

Apart for TPC, UNILAG what else?


Most memorable or fulfilled moment in school?

well….this is going to be anticipatory and that’s  when I’ll be seeing my final result and finally leaving this school, I can’t wait to graduate!

Most embarrassing moment in school?

I can’t remember having any embarrassing moment

Relationship status


Press Crush


Celebrity Crush

Aaah! They are many, LEGOLAS in “lord of the rings” he tops the list, old Leonardo de caprio i.e when he acted “Titanic” Chris Daughtry, Zac Effon  .Then in Nigeria DON JAZZY,I don’t know why I like the guy…. maybe because he acts matured, Lynxx…. the guy is fine and he has given his life to Christ too.

Philosophy of Life

lol…all this philosophy thing sef…. Well what I have come to realize in life is that you just have to be you own person to be able to stay above waters and not be drowned with the troubles of life, you know you better than anyone, so do what you know suits you best and do not always be swayed by the crowd, you don’t have to please everyone and only you can make yourself happy… talk is becoming too much!

What do you think of the Press Club?

I always thought I could not fit properly into any society on campus, but since I joined the press club it’s like I have joined a new family and it has been an amazing experience all through, with its ups and downs but it has been worth it. The press club UNILAG is beyond a club, the bond that holds us together is more than our writing skills but the love synonymous with that of a family.

When do you see yourself in 5 years?

on the track of been an accomplished lawyer because in five years I’ll be probably be two years’ post NYSC because I still have one more year in the university, one year in law school and one year youth service (hopefully it would have been scraped by then) but if not that’s 3 out of five years, so 2 years left…my calculations are correct then

Tell us something nobody knows about you

I’m actually a funny person oo, I didn’t realize it myself until recently. I like to talk too…lol

A piece of advice…

live life to the fullest but wisely, give as much love as your heart can afford in any way you can , keep learning about anything yourself, others ,places, things it doesn’t always have to be academics only, crave knowledge and walk with God.

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