Locked in the room of self- thought, I wondered what my life was turning into. What exactly is the essence of  life? So many questions ran through my mind with not  a single answer. My dad had surprisingly left mum with no hope of returning. My dad was a fine young gentleman with enough cash to spend on his little angel. He always took mum and I to beautiful places like the beach, cinema, parks and eateries just to have fun.

He was never angry with me even for a second. I never knew why he left. He woke up one morning, told us goodbye and zoomed off. All  attempts to find him proved abortive. I continued my life with mum and it wasn’t so funny. First, we relocated to a smaller house as mum couldn’t afford the rent. Second, mum had to work extra hours which made her leave as early as 4am and return by 11pm. Third, I started attending a public school which made me see things in a new light. My mum never took me to birthday parties, anniversaries or even weddings.

She  always read her big black Bible to me and takes me to church. She was well strict and disciplined. Most times people called her Mrs Perfection or No Nonsense Woman.

Even though mum was very busy, she still had the time to teach me basic ethics like cooking and personal hygiene. Well, time flew so fast and I soon got admission into the university and even though I was happy, I was frustrated at the same time. I started my registration and it wasn’t easy. I tried to arrange the documents properly but the staff would always tell me something was missing. After several trials, I got so tired. Then came a tall, young good looking man who should be in his mid-twenties. Like angel he came to my rescue. He saw how tired I looked and offered to help. Within 10 minutes he had arranged everything and all I did was to submit peacefully. This time nothing was missing. I thanked him so much and we exchanged contacts. We soon became close friends and things went smoothly between us. I told mum of this saviour and all she said was that I should be careful.

Ben, who he later identified himself to be was in 300 level studying electrical engineering. He took me round school and made me feel so comfortable. I had nothing to worry of as long as he was with me. Soon he took me to parties outside school,movies and beach parties. It was really fun. I had never attended one in a long while and so this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss, after all, I had nothing to lose, Ben sponsors everything. I was not scared because everything was in control. Ben had a smooth way of  doing his things. Little did I know I was slowly digging my grave.

Ben introduced me to his friends, Pat, Tracy, Ken, Judith and Vale. We had almost all our outings  together. We went for a party one day and something strange happened. As the sound music was high and everyone in high spirits, an old man with a crooked staff dressed in white singlet and red wrapper walked in and blew a kind of dust into the atmosphere. Some people started slumping. I also slumped but I was very conscious of everything happening. I heard Ben’s voice. He was shouting at Vale. He said that if anything should happen to that girl, referring to me, he would commit double murder. Well, we were carried  into a bus taken Into the forest.

I found myself in the hospital, only to be told that I have been lying there for 6 months. I couldn’t explain it myself. Locked in the room of self thought, what have I done with my life? Is this how my life will end? My mum? Where is she? My life?

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