REHTSE Thinks out: THE SEA SIDE, BY Okekwuo Esther


By the sea side I happily sat

Oh it was indeed a glorious sight

Though the breeze blew away my hat

And almost carried away my kite


The blessed purity of the waters

The intense radiation of the sun

Maybe this led to some rivers

Who knows, I think i needed a bun


I imagined the dolphins smiling

I imagined the fingerlings singing

I imagined the crabs preaching

I imagined me just imagining


I made sure not a glimpse I missed

Until some fishermen came

They casted their net and hissed

Oh my! Their ecosystem is being invaded


Help! Help! Help! Help!

Somebody call the 911

I felt the pandemonium in the sea

Helter skelter every organism fled

“Run for your lives” the sergeant fish yelled

Run, run, run, can’t you see?

The weak ones got caught

The ignoramuses bled

Oh my baby, mother fish cried

She’s gone.


On the happy faces of those rebels

There was no element of mercy

Their nets was full and heavy

Full of debris and a few sea creatures

Dear Lord, save us they all prayed.


Just by the sea side are some fisherwomen

With their baskets ready and mouth widely open

They trade the lives of these innocent creatures

Slow and steady looking at them sumptuously


I pondered and wondered in dismay

How would you feel if you were treated the same way?

Imagine a very large swooping net in our glorious earth

Taking people away for sale and making us live in fear


But really, aren’t we swooped into a net?

Flooding, kidnapping and high cost of living

Fear of the badoo gang or some beast?

Keeping us in bondage of giving


Maybe this could just be a continuous cycle

The sins committed against these little creatures

Have now been heaped heavily upon our heads

Shall we not let them alone?


Maybe our own lives would be better

Or somehow our problems would decrease

Who knows how happily we would live

But what then shall we live on?


REHTSE Thinks out


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