GOOD ENOUGH, BY Junaid Salamah


When I joined the Press Club, I wanted my first article to be perfect, without a single flaw, unique and extra ordinary.  I would scrutinize everything I wrote, turn it over and over and eventually toss it out because it wasn’t good enough for my first article. It didn’t have that spark I was looking for. I kept searching and I found nothing. My pessimistic mind kept telling me maybe I just wasn’t good enough to write.

A lot of times we have had to feel inadequate for something. So many times we said to ourselves that we were imperfect for the roles we play, more than often we feel that we are not…enough.

Sometimes the inadequacies we feel is due to a previous failure, while other times it is usually because the person/people whose approval we need do not oblige us, then we feel we are just not good enough. Often we create standards such high standards for ourselves, that if we achieve anything less, we fight ourselves, we worry, we cry and we feel not enough.

We end up trying harder to prove our worth to ourselves and to the people we respect, to show them that we are not worthless, but eventually we end up feeling more worthless, empty and not enough. The vicious cycle begins again, and continues. It drains up mentally, physically and socially.

Our inadequacies leads to the spirit of quitting, giving up because we feel that we were not good enough, we quit just because we weren’t part of the best,  we feel inadequate because someone we expect to praise us doesn’t see reason to. Even when we can clearly hear the crowd chanting our praise, we feel not good enough because despite preparations we still lost out. Even when we had our personal best, we feel terrible because we are slow to getting it at practice but we fail to realize that we are the ones that never forget.

We place so much focus on external competition. The pressure to impress is what is killing the adequacies in us and making us feel inadequate, poisoning our strength to do better. We don’t even get close to good because we don’t try again.

Pause and shift focus, why not let you be your competitor, why not try to be the best of you because there is a lot the better you can offer that the good you can’t so you don’t need to be good enough for anyone or anything, you just need to be better enough for YOU!!!

You are focused on being the first in the race and when you are not then we declare ourselves terrible, inadequate and not good enough and insert all other adjectives that we begin to describe ourselves with, without realizing we won our old us, we “bettered” our own good. A lot is worse than failing, not trying at all is, and quitting is, because you never can tell how close you are to getting it good.

Most times we are already defeated before the real defeat comes. We have told ourselves severally why it won’t work, why it will fail, that we are not as good as others. But the mind is powerful. Equip it well and you will unleash the strength of the body.

You are good enough, you are adequate, you are powerful, you are beautiful, you are enough, you don’t have to go all the way to prove this, you don’t have to quit because you don’t know that you are enough. It’s in you.

Grow your good, water your better and harvest your best. Remember that seeds do not grow in a day, so in order to harvest, you have to go through the process, practice and practice until even your mind celebrates your greatness.

Competition is inevitable in life in fact “MR NIGER DAC” said so (I hope you remember this?) It is a characteristic of living things, but the first competitor you should have should be you. Fight to be a better you. Struggle to improve, so every day you win your former self and every time you win, you feel and you know, that you are certainly GOOD ENOUGH.



Junaid Salamah Abimbola is a 500l MBBS student of the University of Lagos. She loves gisting, writing, planning and being involved in many activities. She hates pretense, in her words “I  can’t pretend to save my life.” Her articles are usually inspired by happenings around her. She lives her life based on the popular maxim that says “what is worth doing at all, is worth doing well” and also to never make “pleasing people” a priority in her life. She can be contacted via:




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  1. Hope you are not just good at writing, I hope you can do this in speaking too, like motivational speaking… Kudos

  2. This is one of the best articles I have read. It is so hard to be your own competitor. I think we all find it easy to project our fight and love outward than inward. Thanks a lot for that eye opener

  3. This piece is really inspiring, you are such a great writer.
    I hope to see more of you. You have so much to offer.

  4. Amaechi Emmanuel

    In life, enough is never enough when there are no enough people to rate your enoughness in enough way to quaint your enough effort . This is why this dexterous writer has enoughly enamoured us with such an enough piece!

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