The Bossy Guy….


He walked in that day when I was busy chatting with my new friend. Not that he was any much noticeable but the level of confidence with which he walked suave me that I had to turn around and see who on earth was that. Hmmmmm! As I was lost in the thought of his identity trying to know who he was, heavens saw my secret wish and bang! He was coming towards my direction…as a matter of fact was coming to see my new friend. Lobatan! Where we want plant maize, na there the maize kukuma grow. Damn! This guy is just too bossy, see it in his walking self, see as him shoulder high as if say na him get the road, he must be really proud I said to myself. I be the kind person wey no send you ooo, if I like you I like you be that and I dey show am but if I no like you ehn? I no dey hide am. Whether or not he read my facial expression on this faithful day, I sure wasn’t bothered one bit but all I knew was that I was sure a one hard knot to crack. I wasn’t forming oo, I just didn’t like him and that I did not hesitate to show. But what can I do? Hmmmm! He happens to be my coursemate, he is my friend’s friend and on top that e be like say na from admission list self we don dey follow each other wey we no know. So somehow we just have to always be around each other. So what will I do? How do I escape this bossy, arrogant guy that I obviously cannot avoid? Babe you wee just have to deal with his bossiness noni and maybe with time you’ll get along… I said to myself.
He was not a bad person, I just didn’t like the fact that he was too confident that it reflected so much even in his walking. So after he left, I was just forced to ask my friend ‘‘biko where did you meet that guy?” unknown to her that I was not asking because I was interested in really knowing how she met him but cus I was just too pissed that I’d have to deal with him thanks to her. The fact that we just have to become three musketeers was something I found really very hard to deal with. I was a very independent young lady and so I rarely depended on anyone for anything and on top that I was smart as in s-m-a-r-t smart. I know you know the spelling but that was very necessary to tell you the extent. He was not only bossy, but was also smart which made him even more daring. And that was how the long journey began for these musketeers ooo..
What happened to this Bossy guy and I? What is his name self? What was first year like for us? Did we ever become cool? O ya na, keep asking the questions as well
Story continues shortly…


Abigael Ibikunle is a lover of people and life. Anything and everything can trigger her writing. She is a passionate educator, loves and enjoy public speaking and writing is her sense of expression.. She can be reached via :

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  1. Abigail is a very skilled writer, doubles as my bunkmate and has a wonderful personality too, this is a smooth and worthy read, keep the fire burning girl

  2. Lolz. If he isn’t bossy, how will you be curious about him? This guy has come to stay, in your thoughts especially!

  3. Sometimes you dont judge a book by its cover. Our carriage differs from one person to another and being confident, is a plus cos most guyz are not so confident most importantly when approaching the opposite sex. The guy might not see it as being bossy, and dere are times we do thinz we dont knw we do. I guess thats why we need people like uu to correct politely and not conclude instantly.

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