Music,my therapy by Adebiyi Adedayo


Have you ever felt so weak and so down for no just reason or for some reason you can’t just place in your mind, facing some challenges or fear of something and you just need some encouragement or something to get your mind out of your misery or melancholic state. Well….I have been in that state and when I get like this I listen to music.

Music has this soothing relief when you are listening to it. It takes you to another world entirely, a world you tend to loose yourself to your imaginations and feel really really good about yourself. Sometimes you put yourself into the lyrics of the song and make yourself the centre point of the song, you own the song and it’s like it ministers to you and the song was written solely for you. You literally watch your life been sang about or basically how you want your life to be or how you want to feel at that time.

You know it’s been said that music is a spirit, I totally agree with that. However, it’s a spirit over which you have control and this boils down to what type of music you listen to. Personally I pick my song based on the lyric. In other words, I don’t like a particular song until I have heard what the song is about and the story it’s trying to tell. When I grasp this, I literally own the song. I almost never pick a song because of the beat. I love my music to have soul, depth, have meaning and tickle my sense of imagination. my music should be such that takes me to places where I can be free and be an escape from reality because sometimes you just need that escape to remain sane in reality, I love my music to be such that would give me comfort and encouragement in my lowest moments, to help me keep up the faith and stay strong against all odd.

The music you listen to makes up who you are amongst other things. It’s a major factor that determines how your mind works subconsciously, that is why I believe music is a spirit. You know how fascinated you feel when you listen to classical music, opera or an orchestra, you feel out of this world. These kind of music gives you goose bumps and just makes you appreciate the beauty of music. The beat of the music takes you to a higher level, how much more when you hear the lyrics of the song which makes you understand the music and appreciate it even better.

Music is all around us, all you have to do is listen. The swishing of the leaves and the chirping of birds can form a beat, the continuous clanging of some materials with the same kind of rhythm can also form music. there are all kinds of music ranging from fast to slow and cool music, so it depends on what type of music you prefer and the effect you want it to have on you, for me music is my therapy

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