Diary of Oluwalonimi- The Brilliant Girl (2)




Oluwalonimi Benson (Queen)

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Episode 2

Oluwalonimi had three amazing brothers, but only her immediate elder brother was her gist pal. She decided to tell him what has been bothering her and hoped he would understand how she really felt.

Errrm, big brother, you know you’re my best friend? I know my other brothers and our parents love me so much but why can’t everyone notice that it is Unilag I want to go and not Unilorin? I am not going to Unilorin ooo but Unilag. Alright my darling, you will go to Unilag, he assured her but you will need to first complete your screening exercise in Unilorin while we await Unilag’s admission list. Hmmmmmm! But brother, why do I have a feeling you’re talking me into forgetting Unilag? No darling, I just want the best for you and I don’t want you to loose on both sides. I mean you really have nothing to lose, instead you will boast of two admissions and I’ll be proud of my baby sister. Think about it dear.

Sighs! Come to think of it, my brother may be right oo. No joor, the moment I do the screening for Unilorin I have automatically forfeited Unilag niyen. Speaking of which, I wrote both exams very well and I have no doubt that my name will be among the top three on the merit list, she thought to herself. And before I know it, Unilag will release her cut-off mark and I’ll prove to them that Unilag is the school for me and not Unilorin.

It was two days to the end of the screening and Unilag had just released the cut-off marks for admission. It was indeed a dream come for through for Oluwalonimi as she passed the cut-off mark so well. satisfied with herself, she boldly walked up to her parents and broke the news to them. She then said, she would not go for the screening in Unilorin, stressing that there wouldn’t be need for it since she really passed the cut-off mark for Unilag’s admission. My daughter, A BIRD AT HAND IS WORTH MORE THAN TWO IN THE BUSH, her father told her but she turned deaf ears to her father’s advice. Assuring herself of her admission into Unilag, she smiled and said repeatedly; unilag here I come. (Her phone rings)

Who could be calling me that I don’t know? Anyways, let me pick the call, and stop asking unnecessary question.

Oluwalonimi: Hello, good afternoon to you

Caller: Good afternoon, am I onto Ms. Oluwalonimi Benson?

Oluwalonimi: Yes, you are sir, who am I speaking with?

Caller: I am Professor Abdulsalaam from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Unilorin and I am calling you in respect of your admission offer into Unilorin.


To be continued…

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  1. You can really give someone suspense though… How will a lecturer call a student before entry, that’s really exciting

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