They call it craze
I call it LOVE
They say what kind of love is this?
I say it is an “unrequited LOVE”
They won’t agree.
They said how can it be requited?
I ask why can’t it?
He doesn’t even know you love him, they exclaim!!!
Whatever, I know this is LOVE
I might not just know the kind of love it is.

But it is LOVE,
What I don’t know is,
Why this LOVE feels this way
They say love never fails,
This LOVE keeps failing me
They say LOVE protects,
This LOVE keeps hurting me
They say LOVE brings warmth,
This LOVE has left me in the cold

I keep waiting patiently for YOU to see me
YOU are the famous HIM I talk about
When they ask, why I am still single.
I say… I haven’t found HIM
Lies ….
I am waiting for him to see me
As I have already found him.
Sometimes I think you have seen me,
But you just needed me to get another girl

Once my friends thought someone was perfect for me,
But I found fault in him as he is not the HIM,
True, because he wasn’t YOU.
You have become my standard
So it’s either they are like YOU or they are YOU
Since none could be like YOU, then it is YOU!!!
YOU became the reason for my “No’s” and excuses
Your presence around me gives me hope that one day you would see me

I would wait for the next Valentine’s Day,
If you would ask me to be your Val,
Your next birthday,
If you would ask me to share your day with you
My next birthday,
If you would ask to be in my life
Next Christmas,
Maybe Santa would bring you as my gift
Next New Year,
Maybe you would be part of the new things in my life
Next important occasion,
Hoping that one day you would see me.

LOVE hopes they say.
Is this how love is supposed to feel like?
You have become that addiction
That I can’t withdraw from
As I can’t control my withdrawal symptoms
Yet you are a pain that no pain relieve can relieve me of.
If you see my crush tell him, I have been crushed
Not sure I can love again.

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  1. Words spoken from a true genius ,I can relate to every feeling and line ,keep it up ,this is a great piece 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💯💯💯

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