unilag serial rapist apprehended- Ariyo Ayodele



Perpetrator of Rape Incident has Been Arrested – CSO UNILAG



The perpetrator of a rape Case that happened few weeks ago has been apprehended by men Of the University Security. The news was released during a briefing for Students who will serve as tour guide for the upcoming fresher’s orientation program. The CSO (chief security officer) of the university explained in details to the audience how the kidnap suspect was apprehended after a tip off from one of the victims. He maintained that cases of rape was on the rise within the University community and one of the reasons was because female students failed to keep themselves in secured places and venues. He explained further that the perpetrator of the rape cases took his victim inside a tinted vehicle and proceeded towards the access road down to the Medical Center axis and molested his victim there.

In the same vain The Deputy Dean Of Students Affairs, Dr Agunsoye during a briefing for students that would serve as tour guides gave several tips on how to avoid been raped to ladies. The DDSA 2 stated that “students should be aware of their environment, they should be careful who they follow and they should always ensure that they should always walk in groups and never walk or talk to people they do not know or that they have not met before”.


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