UNILAG VC holds townhall meetings at halls of residence


The recently appointed vice chancellor of the university, professor Toyin Ogundipe announced via the student affairs division that he would be holding town hall meetings with students at their halls of residence on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th of February. The meetings would be held early in the morning before students went about their daily activities. The halls slated for today’s meeting were Moremi hall and Marire hall at the main campus and the vice chancellor while addressing the students acknowledged the fact that students have been going through a tough time during the current non academic staff strike that is affecting the school especially in the area of electricity and water supply on campus, he apologized for this shortfall and assured students of stable electricity this weekend.

He also said that the academic calendar would be adjusted as a result of the strike particularly because of  courses that are practical and requires the services of the non academic staffs. Also, the balloting process for freshers has been moved to the 15th of February  as a result of epileptic power supply and difficulties accessing the student portals, he rounded off the meeting by encourage students to visit the student affairs division for any complaints or help and assured students that the management would do everything within its power to manage and resolve the challenges faced by the university as a result of the strike.

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