400 Level Medical Cup : The Heart of Football, without an Iota of Doubt by Udeh Harrison


The 400 level medical students Cup started 29th of January 2018 , organized by 8 departments present in college of medicine Luth, which forms the Football Association (FA) headed by Nnadi Kelvin and other members of the committee.

The FA divided the 400 level class to 2 groups. Consisting of 4 teams each of which two departments were perceived as strong teams but it didn’t play out like that.
Group 1 consist

Group 2
Medical laboratory science ( MLS)
Two teams played for 7 days
Day 1
Pharmacy vs Radiography
The charged radiographers showed their alpha and beta particles couldn’t be displaced easily on the field by the legal drug dealers whose reaction on the field showed failed experiment

Mbbs vs Physiology
The surgeons showed themselves they are always the leading team as nothing can pull them down especially the physiology team with their surgical legs scoring 2goals – 1

Day 2

Mls vs Pharmacology
Physiotherapy vs dentistry

Mls vs Pharmacology
The lab scientists produced positive result from their test of skills , breaking down and eliminating the pharmacokinetic team who couldn’t absorb high tension, to distribute deep passes on the field after a head-on battle scoring 1-0

Dentistry vs Physiotherapy
The fitness expert showed also they weren’t only book inclined but fit practically on the field by filling up the cavities in their opponent’s post with a Goal!!!

Day 3
After the legal drug dealers had been charged up by the radiographers they weren’t ready to succumb to the surgeons labour ready to be discharged from the league scoring 2-1

Radiography vs Physiology
The physiology team had heart attack on the field making their rhythm to be tachy causing them to expire on the field which was done by the radiographers who couldn’t hide the alpha and beta particles flowing through their veins

Day 4
Mls vs Dentistry
Mls proved themselves again on the field by attaining positive reaction against the dentist who fought tooth and nail for their crown but came out toothless scoring 2-1

Physiotherapy vs Pharmacology
The pharmacologist couldn’t recover from their nervous breakdown following the high tension they received Day 2 which was absorbed from the lab scientist reaction even thou they showed strength by pulling a goal they were restrained by the physically fit physiotherapists showing their skills again on the field scoring 3 -1

Day 5
Pharmacy vs Physiology
The legal drug dealers did not lose their concentration in the midst in distracting reactions around them as they added Salt to physiology injury making them lose their heart rhythm completely scoring 5 alive goals to beat the physiology team pulp

Mls vs Physiotherapy
The physiotherapists tried to clear lab scientists at the calf and cut them short giving them the salty taste of defeat but the lab scientists proved they weren’t out of shape in the head- on collision which match to end in a draw

Mbbs vs radiography
The greatest surgeons went back to the operating theatre to repair their injured leg bringing forth a dramatic performance with 2 goal margin but they were blinded by the bright stars of radiography proving that light still travel a straight line scoring 0-0

Pharmacology vs Dentistry
With both teams already facing exist from the competition pharmacology team brought their vitamin A- game ,coming with proper vision to the field reproducing special moves resisting infectious attacks but the dentists braced up against their special moves who beat down their opponents with their newly formed wisdom teeth

Day 6

MLS vs Radiography 0 – 0 ( penalties 5 – 3)

The MLS team who had kept up a crystal performance in the competition so far , had their crystal palace finally crushed by a radioactive team who dropped shots like hot spores and proved that they still run the CT, holding the match to a nil-nil stalemate which was broken by penalties, where the radiography team scored all and denied their opponents of one

Physiotherapy Vs Pharmacy.

The druggists after smelling defeat once showed that they were gradually morphine from underdog poppies to bloodhounds as they delivered a lone poisonous bite that led Physio team to walk alone in the road out of the competition. Scores Physiotherapy 0 – 1 Pharmacy

Day 7

Radiography 3 – 1 Pharmacy
In the Mother of all finals at the SON pitch , the frequency of the radiographers were too high for the high-men(hymen) who were perforated and violated for the second time in the competition. The Radiography team carried the coveted trophy though they conceded a goal, for the first and only time in the competition.

Physiotherapy 1- 2 MLS
Physiotherapy after being smoked by the druggists in their previous match, were not able to wax stronger and were melted by the heated lab scientists who in that day of love broke the heart of all physiotherapy fans and obtained the third place .

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