5 ALIVE YEARS OF FOOTBALL: THE TASTE OF VICTORY by Udeh Harrison and Marvelous Korede Ode



Coming soon after the 400 and 300 level football duels that took place recently, where the Radiographers and Physiotherapists emerged as champions respectively with a rhythmical heart beat and frequency to carry the trophy, the “500 level interdepartmental football league” began with another department joining the crowned kings of football.

It also began as a game of duels where each department pulled tenacity and stamina on the field with no one ready to give way for the other, but one team proved to bite more than they barked and we have a winner. Let’s see how it went…

The competition was structured in a league format consisting of five teams, formed by different departments, with physiotherapy department combining with the radiography team. The competition stretched across five match days with each team playing four games each and the winner judged by the team with the highest points.

Day 1

BDS (1) vs Radiography (0).

The dental surgeons injawed their opponents from the root and were not fazed by the frequency of the Radiography attack. They chomped down on the alphas, causing them to bow down like worshippers.

Mls (1) vs Mbbs(0)

The same day MLS and MBBS collided with each other on the force field, with the Lab scientists repelling the doctors’ attempts and wearing and tearing them down.  The match ended in 1-0

Day 2

BDS (1) vs Mls (1)

Following their individual victories in their respective first matches, both teams went back to the drawing board and came out with a beautiful draw. A result that doesn’t do justice to the fierce battle that went down.

MBBS (2) vs Pharmacy (3)

The legal drug dealers made their first appearance on the field to be known. Their administered dose was anything but gentle. Though the surgeons came with a determined operation in mind, they in the end laboured in vain.

Day 3

Pharmacy(0) vs MLS (0)

With both teams needing to win this to top the table they  waved high on the field but couldn’t sea any goals. Sinking their chances of winning the league. 0-0 was the parting score.

Radiography(0) vs MBBS (0)

It seemed that day wasn’t a lucky one for any team to go back home with smiles as  they performed but couldn’t place a goal. The draw essentially erased them from the title race.


RADIOGRAPHY(0) VS MLS (0) (stalemate )

Both teams had come with fresh fire and their continuous strikes blazed the field, but at the end of 50 minutes, the fresh legs could only produce a stale mate. Handing the initiative to other title contenders.


In a match which was a repeat of last year’s final and a potential decider in the battle for the crown, the high tension was palpable and left the crowd shocked at the result. The Dentists braced up and showed  signs of a developing crown on their head and teeth as they sent a lone bite to the Pharmacy post.


MBBS (0) VS BDS (0)

This fixture featuring the table toppers and the bottom of the table was written off as a definite massacre, but the doctors refused to kneel and held the match till it ended kneel kneel. (Nil – nil)


With the preceeding match already deciding the winner, this was a battle for a favourable position on the log and Pharmacy did flog their opponents to come in second place. Hence dropping their Radiography team to second to last place after handing the Pharmacist an own goal .

At the close of the competition the formerly toothless Dentistry team dug deep into their roots and acquired a crown as a result. They dominated the entire competition, winning all categories of awards including the Golden boot , won by Moshood with three goals and _mo(re)-shood_ be expected from him.

The golden glove also went to their keeper, Daniel, with two outstanding clean sheets.

At the end of FIVE ALIVE years of wonderful football for each of the teams, Dentistry (BDS) showed that they got the juice,  they’ve tasted victory and their story will be proclaimed from the PULPit.

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