Ode  Korede Marvellous


Ans: 07 January 19xx

Dept and Level

Ans: Medicine and Surgery 500level

Best Food

Ans: Fried rice and chicken, Amala and Ewedu

Best color

Ans: Black

What are your interests and inspiration ?

Ans: Reading, watching movies, meeting people.  My inspiration is do your best,  and let’s God crown it

Why The Press Club,  UNILAG?

Ans: I didn’t know about the press club until the current president sent call for membership to me , I love to write but no push button saw this will be an avenue for me to improve my writing skills and bringing words together

Apart for TPC, UNILAG what else?

Ans: Involve in lot of things

Most memorable or fulfilled moment in school?

Ans: the day my first professional result came out because it took time

Most embarrassing moment in school?

Ans: none

Relationship status

Ans: Single

Press Crush

Ans: None

Celebrity Crush

Ans: many

Philosophy of Life

And: don’t try people the way they are , we have people with funny character/ attitude but treat them well because you see yourself in them and make God the center of it all

What do you think of the Press Club?

Ans: been an eye-opener for me in terms of writing when I read my fellow colleagues write up and has made me to meet beautiful people

When do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ans: hmmmmm… if Jesus has not come then I will be fulfilling purpose in life by then .. Tell us something nobody knows about you

Ans: being a simple person

A piece of advice…

Ans: don’t close your eyes to opportunities, be involve in activities if possible,  do them with love because you may be reaching out to someone or bringing smile back to someone . Lastly Love God

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