At least 40% of students should control and manage their own businesses – VC UNILAG by Aishat Adebiyi




Following the Vice Chancellor’s earlier notification to all students on his scheduled visit to every faculty in the University, on the 4th of April, 2018 at 9am prompt, he arrived at the faculty of arts of the University of Lagos. With the Dean of the faculty present – in person of Prof. Falaiye – after the opening prayer the VC commenced on his reason for visiting.

First, he appreciated the students for conducting themselves during the NASU strike. He says his tour is to allow interaction with students and he wants the students to air their opinion. He continued by saying that the school is moving towards a direction which is the direction of entrepreneurship. He then revealed that he wants at least 40% of the students to control and manage their own businesses and in line with this, the school has decided to explore the students skills and has set up an entrepreneurship program. He further explained that the students will be given a chance to participate by writing a proposal, and that it will be “competitive” as students would be picked through these submitted proposals for evaluation and there will be financial aide. The school will also provide and give quality advice on entrepreneurship.

After the extensive information, questions and comments were allowed from students – who asked various questions and some of them were student leaders. One of the suggestions raised by one student leader was for the Student Union to be revived. Some other students also suggested that the school curriculum be changed in order for us be well equipped to compete with our contemporaries in the world. Also mentioned was the ban issue on students who have matriculated in other schools before coming to UNILAG, which isn’t fair and that every students should be given equal participation opportunity in politics.


The VC addressed these questions promptly saying, “when the students union leaders misbehaved, the students kept mute but when the school decided to take actions, the students decided to talk”. Also he gave an example of how in their time, they students never ceased to correct their Student Union leaders when they did wrong. He mentioned that during the last students protest, the school found out that most of the students who caused problems were students who have matriculated in other schools that only if the school sees certain changes, only then can changes be made but also, it is hard to convince the Senate to shift ground on the decision but he would see what he can do about it.

He thanked everyone as the heart to heart speech came to an end and a student rendered the closing prayer to end the program.

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