Earlier today as the entire community of the University of Lagos was gearing up for her 49th convocation ceremonies with the investiture ceremony of the 12th Vice Chancellor and the processions were settling in, the heavens let loose. The rain came down in all its terror and glamour to be a part of the celebration and didn’t spare any corner of the University of First Choice and Nations Pride. Different buildings and roads were affected by the rain as fence of banks, roofs of different buildings including Moremi hostel, stalls in Mariere hostel car park and trees along Mariere hostel road and the J. F. Ade Ajayi Hall which was the venue of convocation lecture were pulled down – vandalizing properties and causing blockage on road to motorist and pedestrians. Students in Fagunwa hostel also complained of their roofs shaking and almost caving into their rooms, as they stood in fear while the rain fall and reports made to hostel management were quickly responded to.

During this rainy escapade, the Governor of Lagos State, Akinwumi Ambode who was to give the convocation lecture titled “Inclusion; the path to a new nation”, arrived and in the bid for his smooth entrance and passage to the venue of convocation lecture, all obstacles caused by fallen trees were immediately cleared up by zealous workers and  sites of damage by the rain was promptly visited and assessed for repairs by the school representatives.

However, the heavy down pour did not put a stop to the spirit of celebration, it only halted it for a while, as activities to set up new tents and reassemble fallen ones resumed immediately after the rain. The order of the convocation ceremonies still continues as scheduled, to end on the 11th of May, 2018. We wish all the graduates a “stormy free” life and labour experience.

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