When Two Decides Not To Tango, by Ariyo Ayodele Emmanuel


The politics of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is one that has many intricases in it. The recent weeks and recent happenings in the politicking process in several spheres and most especially the APC State and Ward Congresses also the Ekiti APC gubernatorial Primaries within the past few weeks has been heated, likewise from Rivers to Ekiti and Lagos States respectively.


The mind of the average Nigerian does not concentrate on these tiny political details, because they feel that all the issues of the party doesn’t concern them. Well, many at times I listen to street parliamentarians and how they debate vehemently about who has done what is right and who has done what wrong in the party, with no concrete conclusion. Now, the two major political parties in Nigeria at the moment do not seem to get their bearing, both parties have been said to have failed in the political education of the citizenry but rather have left it to the civil societies as a responsibility. As the country prepares for another electioneering period and the cracks have started to set in, as both PDP and APC have been having challenges in creating a good structure to accommodate it members, control and have a good internal democractic process.


This brings up the line – It takes two to tango – because under the APC rule, the “Abuja Boys” are already in power tussel with the Lion of burdilon – Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. It was actually very shocking to see that the National legal Adviser of APC – Dr Muiz Banire – stated that they are on a mission to unseat “the Lion” who as perpetually squadderd and improvish the state. The last has not also been heard of the leadership tussel in Rivers State, where Magnus Abe and Rotimi Amechi have been at logger heads over the state congress which turned out to be a war zone.

Can we then say at this juncture that the Holy matrimony of the APC seems to be coming to an early end? Can we also say that the end is near than Nigerians expect for the APC and the PDP who has not been able to play the good opposition in the last 3 years?


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