Men’s Fashion necessities by Alalade Daniel Adedoyin-Melody


Fashion as it is today is not restricted to the women but has been largely embraced by men. An average man is now interested on how he looks and what to wear to various occasions, the goal is to look sophisticated and well-polished. Although, women fashion items sells more than men fashion items. Nevertheless, men fashion items has been expanding and growing in recent years but the more men’s fashion is growing, there is a need for us to be educated on how to stay classy and trendy always. Personally, I have listed some items that are required of every man to have in his wardrobe.

SHIRTS: This is the fore most and important fashion item that every man needs in his wardrobe. As we all know, shirts comes in various kinds e.g T-Shirt, Polo Shirt and so on, but our focus here is a white button down shirt. White shirt can be worn as corporate, casual or at weekends depending on what it is been paired with. A white Shirt can be paired with chinos, denim jean, pant trouser, Ankara pant etc. Also, getting a good quality white shirt can be costly depending on the designer, but you can always opt for the ones that are pocket friendly. You don’t have to buy shirts because of the brand. However, I would advise you invest in quality.

SWEATSHIRT or COLLARED SHIRT: A sweatshirt or collared shirt can be paired with anything you have in your wardrobe ranging from jean, chinos, shorts etc. However, the way you wear your sweatshirt really matters, before deciding on rocking a sweatshirt or collared shirt, make sure you are wearing it with something that gives you that classy look because…. you can’t afford to look inferior.

JEAN/ CHINOS: This is also one of the vital fashion items of every man. Getting a jean or chinos depends on personal choice, but i would recommend you get a jean or chinos of good quality material since you can’t afford to be buying them every time, so you should always get the ones that can last long. However, most people are often confused with choosing the colour of their jean or chinos, personally I would recommend you get denim jean, black or navy blue chinos simply because this colours can be paired with any colour of Shirt especially White crisp shirt or sweatshirt.

BELTS: People often overlook the power of a belt in dressing, but it’s a wrong notion which should be corrected. A good leather belt gives your outfit that complete look. I have seen instances where people don’t know the colour of belt to wear on their outfits, but I would always advise you wear a belt that would match the colour of your shoe especially when you going for a formal look. For instance, you are wearing a brown shoe, a brown belt will give your outfits that matching look except where your shirt is covering your belt and you don’t have to tuck in the shirt.

FOOTWEAR (dress shoes & Sneaker) :
You would agree with me that when you wear a good shoe, its gives you that confidence and you walk as if you have just been signed as a brand ambassador. Getting a good shoe is not that hard, you can always get a good cobbler to make one for you or you go for the ready – made ones. You don’t need to buy expensive shoes, forget about the popular brand and go for the ones that you can afford and the ones that gives you comfort and are long lasting.

A leather Bag: Never ignore the importance of a good bag. Without a bag, your outfit might still not be complete. Get a good leathered bag, it will always give you that elegant look at the same time makes you slay. Don’t stuff your pocket with things that can be safe in the bag. Buy a good bag and it will give your outfit that classy look.

Sunglasses: A pair of glasses is very important in a perfect and stylish wardrobe. Even when the weather don’t seems that you should have a pair of sunglasses…. you still need to have one for sunny days. Personally, I usually advise you get sunglasses of good quality and forget about the brand because some popular brands tends not to last long. Also, it’s advisable to get sunglasses that are cheap in case they break or you lose them… you wouldn’t have to worry too much. Never underestimate the power of sunglasses, it can even help to hide your tired face or swollen eye balls.

Tie: Most people would say that am always on casual, I don’t need a tie. Whether you are a lover of casual or corporate dressing, you still need to have at least one tie in your closet. We all know that tie varies ranging from bow ties, oriental knot, Pratt knot and so on. I highly recommend you buy classic colour ties, whenever I want to wear a tie, am most likely to wear vintage tie because of the various colours its combine. Also, you need to focus on the tie knot, a wrong tie knot can let down an outfit, so the tie knot is also very important.

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