Barely three weeks into the new semester, the Dean of Students Affairs announced a few days break in a bid to fumigate the hostels from invasion by bedbugs. It is no news that the university has been plagued with menace of bed bugs for a while now, Students have repeatedly complained of how their beds have become unusable and how they resort to sleeping on their room floors. As a result of this the school decided to take precautions this semester by fumigating the school hostels.

Asides the fact that the timing fixed for this exercise was not comfortable for the students and the fact that students had to evacuate their hostels for this purpose, all hostels were assigned days for their fumigation and this resulted to different resumption dates for the different hostels. By Friday, 15th June, 2018, all the hostels on campus were fumigated and by Sunday, 17th June, 2018, all hostels were receptive enough to accept students.

By Monday, 18th June, 2018, a large number of students had resumed as this was supposed to be the beginning of the fourth week of the second semester. Suddenly, there was an outcry of students. Students from different hostels complained of the multiplication of bed bugs despite the fumigation. It seems as though the fumigation had brought out the bed bugs. In some female hostels, they tried spraying their beds with Sniper while others just brought out their beds under the heat of the sun. A male student from Jaja Hall cried out “I don’t know if they even fumigated the hostel, many of us can barely sleep on our beds. It would have been better we didn’t go home because I don’t see the need”.

It seems like the management heard their outcry as there was an instruction to fumigate the affected rooms again. We don’t know if this instruction has been carried out but we hope that the management can do something about it. We understand their concern for the students and we appreciate it.

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