This morning at about 10.15am, block A, one of the blocks at the Queen Amina hall, UNILAG was close to catching fire as the wire connecting the bulbs at the passage of the first floor began to spark. Students who were in the kitchen and on the passage were able to maneuver their way downstairs while the other occupants in the rooms ran out to safety almost naked, leaving their rooms open with valuables in it.

The porters – who brought along a fire extinguisher – came in a little too late to check out the situation of things minutes after the sparking had stopped and since then, no other measures have been taken to ensure that this doesn’t repeat itself. It is important to note that a similar incident was recalled to have occurred just yesterday at the second floor of the same block causing majority of the students to go home and leaving the rest who stayed behind feeling unsafe.

The respondents who were asked questions about the incident were clamoring about their lack of safety and how the university needs to look into the wiring of the hostel as exams are already here and they need to know that they and their belongings would be safe. Some of the respondents also spoke on a lot of other issues which included; the insufficient number of working sockets in the kitchen and bulbs that no longer work in this same block A and how happy they would be if something can be done quickly because as at the time of this report, students are forced to buy food or cook in their rooms because the sockets provided in the kitchen aren’t working.


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