Tuesday 1st January, 2018.


Permit us to start by showing apex gratitude to Almighty Creator for giving us all ability to finish last academic session on a good note.

However as patriotic campus journalists we can’t keep our eye off the ongoing lecturer strike that has denied us resumption back on campus, we have table our opinion via many means for Federal Government and Asuu to settle their agreement, though it might have affected the student body directly or indirectly, but we hope soonest it will be call off for all student across the country to resume academics activities fully.

On that note, from all of us representing the large population of University of Lagos Student as Veteran Journalists of the century we say Happy New Year to you all University of Lagos: Governing Council, Senate Member, Professors,associate Professors, Dr., Lecturers, NASU, Student (PhD, Masters, Bsc), Vendor, Security Personnel among others.

We want to use this medium to reassure all student of University of Lagos that we remain focus in giving information, opinion and what trending on campus that will keep everyone updated about the institution community and thank you all for your support towards the club in the previous years.

God Bless Press Club
God Bless University of Lagos
God Bless Nigeria

Ayo’ Olufolarin
The Press Club, Unilag.
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Caleb Olonitola
Secretary General,
The Press Club, Unilag.
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Isaac Melchizedek Alesh
Public Relation Officer
The Press Club, Unilag
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For information/acquires/suggestion/ you have core emergency news or exigent information to pass across to The Press Club and University of Lagos community at large feel free to contact us.

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Kindly Forward Across Board

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