SOSSA SYMPOSIUM 2.0: Get skilled or be unfit for after-school, experts charge students


By Raji Yekini & Solomon Oladipupo

Experts have called on students to get additional skills aside from academics in order to make them fit for employment after their studies.

Mr Newin, Chief Economist, PwC West Africa, speaking during the symposium

The was the central call of the experts who spoke during the Social Science Students Association (SOSSA) Symposium held Thursday at Tayo Aderokun Hall, University of Lagos.

According to the experts, who spoke during a panel session, acquisition of additional skills is key to tackling employment challenges after school.

Speaking during the event on the theme: Actualize: the journey from talk to work, employment manager at Poise Manager, reiterated the role of needed skills set in getting a job.

Sossaites and other students during SOSSA Symposium 2.0

The manager challenged students to delelop new set of skills and horn their talent and passion in order to increase their chances of surviving in the world out there.

The event featured panel discussion hosted by Soma Uguonachukwu, Chidi Nwuogu, technology entrepreneu; Didi akinyelure, an award winning journalist; Nkechi Harry, CEO HNam couture, Alexander Lawal, Sales director of NEST HOMES.

This panel discussion highlighted challenges encountered by students after completing their academic sojourn in various citadel of learning and solutions were proferred by each panelist on how to cope with life after school.

Other key speakers, Dr. Andrew S. Newin, advisory partner and chief economist PwC West Africa also gave insight to what actually life is out there.

According to him, ”Life out there is quite challenging and we should find ways to manage our lives since it is a fact that Nigeria has became poorer in the last five years and the public sectors keep shrinking.”

He added that there were numerous changes evolving such as climate change, technoloical advancement and we all have to adapt to this changes.

Participants in the panel discussion advised students to eliminate the thought of connection before getting a job but they should work hard on developing additional quality to their degree and add value to their worth by having multiple skills and that will place them in the right position to survive in the labor market.

According to Didi Akinyelure, to start anything new there are always challenging period and sometimes you may not where you are headed but be passionate about whatever you do and you will get something out of it.

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