Male student caught sleeping overnight in Moremi Garden engages female security officer


By Bobmanuel Faith

Some male students said to be students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) on Monday were found around 5am taking their overnight rest in Moremi Garden of the Moremi Hall of residence.

A female security officer who was on a night shift found them while conducting a regular check of the hostel and its environs.

All the male students were said to have scuttled away upon sighting her presence. However, one of them refused to leave.

The security woman,  who was said to have questioned him on the content of his bag, was said to have been hit by the student, resulting in a fight during which the student broke one of his left fingers.

“When she tried to force him to leave the premises and know what the content of his small bag was, he started to hit the security woman and that made her fight back and drag him into the hostel [Moremi Hall].

“In the heat of the happening, he broke a finger in his left hand which made him vulnerable, before the school security intervened,” a security officer, who doesn’t want to be named, told The Press Club, UNILAG.

Traces of the blood that dripped from one of the wounded left finger

The noise that ensured from the encounter was said to have alerted students of the Hall who became curious to find out what was happening.

The said male was later taken to the UNILAG Meedical Centre to treat his broken fingers. It was there, sources say, it was discovered he was a student of the institution who had accommodation problem.

Eye witnesses also report that the male student, who also refused to follow the school’s security team, has been whisked away to Alpha Base, UNILAG’s security station.

Dean of Students Affairs, Prof. Ademola Adeleke, has taken up the matter for further investigations while the Counselling Unit of the university is being engaged to help him through.

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