Challenges, disapproval are part of life says renowned Nollywood actor, Sola Fosudo


By Muyiwa Adekojede

Popular Nigerian actor and professor, Sola Fosudo, has enjoined students to brave up when faced with difficulties in their journey towards excellence.

Fosudo, who said he never thought he would have become an actor, emphasized the need for students to discover who they are and what they really want.

The prominent actor made the observation while speaking at the Foundation for African Cultural heritage (FACH) at the Afe Babalola Auditorium of University of Lagos on 13th Sep 2019.

He said, “When our mind are absenting with other things, we miss it. In the course of our education, we need to be discovered or discover yourself.

“Discover who you are, and what God want of you”.

Fosudo also called on millennial to discover their talent in addition with to their school training because they would need in the long run.

He said: “Discover who you are, develop your skill and talent, associate with the right set of people …and you will discover who you are ”

Other speakers during the event were: Prof. Olufunlayo Bammeke, Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, UNILAG; Anna Halphine, Founder of World Youth Alliance; Dr. Obielumani Ideh, Consultant Physician; Fr. Paul Akin-Otiko, Chaplain of St. Thomas More chaplaincy, UNILAG; Imam Taofiq Miqdad, Director of Islamic affairs and Chief Imam of Nigerian Navy.

In her address, Prof. Funmi Bammeke, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, encouraged youths and teens to build a friendship relationship, get to know friends and their values before deep commitment.

She enjoined youths on chastity for both girls and boys been important.
She said: “For you to be able to have a healthy relationship, be the person’s friend first”.

Commander Taofiq Miqdad disclosed that the dire challenges confronting the millennials in contemporary times including failed parenting strategy, addiction to social media and impatience.

On impatience, he added the ‘get rich mentality’ affects the youth’s patience and their wellbeing.

During her own address, Mrs Nkieu uzo advised the millennials on things that are ‘not must have’ e.g. movie, phone, etc., and those that ‘are must have’.
She indulged young girls and boys to believing in their self before getting any acknowledgment from by the public.

She said: “You cannot get validation from outsiders; you must tell yourself you are beautiful”
The event, according to organizers, was planned to respond to the challenges facings the youth, family and the society from a youth perspective

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