how do we heal our broken selves?     and wear our bodies like a calm sea after storm?

the scientist says the human body has an answer
but only when the two are combined

so we lay down our bodies as specimens
and let her mix us like primary colours:

oxygen flowing from the hollow of my tube
swimming into the hydrogen of your conical body – mixing;

of us dripping into each other’s body
like mucus; my molecules
breaking into the atoms of your body, our bodies

I feel the heat cumming;
you feel it, too– in the sparks of your sound!

our skins creating new bonds beneath our nakedness
becoming a compound body – delicately interwoven

new energies rising brewing within us like Kainji Dam
and fresh water flowing through our one-body



Jide “Solomon” Oladipupo is a graduating student of Mass Communication, University of Lagos. He is a campus journalist, editor-in-chief  and freelance writer. He is the Vice President (Operations) of The Press Club, UNILAG. He is currently writing and editing his first poetry chapbook, Anatomy of a WoMan, which explores the borders of gender and sexual healing. Transmutation is one of the poems in the collection.

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