2019/2020 Session: Special Welcome Back Address from The Press Club, UNILAG


THE PRESS CLUB, University of Lagos (UNILAG) welcomes staylites and the freshers back to the University. It is with great joy we welcome you. We hope you all had a good and fruitful holiday, and that you all have come back, ready to learn and give your very best.

To the fresh students, we want to say a special welcome to the University of Lagos! We are glad to you have with us at the university of first choice and the nation’s pride.

It is important you know that 100 level will determine to a certain extent what your overall academic years in the school will be. Have fun, yes! But in doing that, please do not forget the main purpose for which you are in this great ivory tower.

It is with all sense of excitement we are willing to share with you the following tips to help make your first journey through UNILAG a smooth sail.

1). Registration of Courses: Ensure you register your courses, and more importantly register the right course codes

2). Have a positive mindset, not only towards your courses but your lecturers and colleagues as well.

3). Test and Assignment: Take them seriously by ensuring you do them well and on time.

4). Choose your friends wisely.

5). Don’t hesitate to ask your lecturers and fellow students (the serious ones) and your seniors for help when you need them. They have been through it and can advise appropriately!

6)It’s never to early to start preparing for exams. You do not have to wait until two weeks to the exam. The workloads can be overwhelming by then.

7) Trust in God and in yourself.

To the returning students, we also have some tips for you! Yippeee!

In addition to the tips for fresh students ( which also apply to you), here are additional specially written for you.

  1. Set your goals for the new semester: CGPA, academic, social, religious or extra-curricula wise.
  2. Be deliberate with your clique. Make friends goal setters and ambitious persons.
  3. Do all the needful as it fits your schedule to help you achieve your aim!

Once again, Freshers and staylites, welcome!


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