22 Years Unbroken Tradition in the Department of Marine Science


By Eniola Oni

For over 22 years, the final year students of the department of Marine Science, University of Lagos has always embarked on a field trip to Ghana.

This act that was brought up by the department’s lecturers has become a tradition all penultimate and final year students look forward to.

This year, the trip is taking place between 23 – 28 February, 2020.

The week-long trip entails visits to these coastal ecosystems, visit to the University of Ghana, a partner university to the university of Lagos, fun times, eating local foods, lodging in five star hostels and of course, visit to the fish market.

According to Dr. Charles, one of the lead coordinators and pioneers of the trip, the educational trip exposes students to coastal ecosystems and conditions, naturally sheltered, moderately exposed and high energy shores in Nigeria.

Other lecturers that go with the students on this trip include Dr.Usese, Dr.Kuton, Dr.Ogunbambo, Dr.Emmanuel, Dr.Are, Dr.Lawal amongst others.

The amazing thing about this trip is that it has been going on consecutively with no breaks in between yearly for this 22 years, a no small feat that has only been achieved by the department of marine biology.

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