By Muyiwa Adekojede.

Over 150 people took part in the webinar organised by the Press club, University of Lagos, that took hold on 25th April via Whatsapp to learn the ‘fundamentals of campus Journalism; starting a career as a professional journalist’ anchored by the renowned investigative journalist, Fisayo Soyombo.

The award-winning journalist disclosed how the fundamentals of campus journalism and a career as a professional journalist are matching. He informed participants that the best time to begin a career in journalism, begins from school.
Once you’ve stepped out of school, you’re only consolidating on whatever you built while in school.” He said.

Fisayo Soyombo focused on 6 Fundamentals…

  • Interest In Writing
    Soyombo kicked off by explaining the essence of having a passion for writing first. Anyone who doesn’t like writing, have no business in journalism for it’s an occupation enveloped with writing. The expert preferably encouraged writing at least two times every week.
  • Read As Widely As You Can — ‘As Often As You Can‘.In the route of journalism, it is important to engage in reading various journals, Nigerian newspapers, foreign newspapers, sports websites, romantic writing, and other written materials.
  • He said “The wider you read, the more the depth of your writing.
  • Work Hard, Work Harder, And Work Even Harder.
    As an investigative journalist, Soyombo explained Journalism is a hard job, a ‘real hard work’. He stressed his point by indicating the need to go beyond doing regular stories.
    “you must be looking for the story behind the story“. He said.
  • Build Relationships
    The significance of building relationships is very vital. Be it any gender and it has to be done with full honesty.
  • While on campus, it will help build sources that will give facts, and stories. In the profession, journalism, it will help with employment opportunities together with sources in which stories could be developed.
  • Ask God For Guidance
    In regard to your belief in either God or gods, spiritual guidance is key. The right decision and steps at the right time are key, which makes it imperative to ask for help from the supernatural forces you believe in.
  • Be Active On Social Media
    Soyombo also reinforced the need for a presence on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and so on. He specifically dwelled upon the need for a presence on Twitter in journalism as a career. Reason being that it particularly deals with trends about the most serious things happening around us. Job adverts, writing offers, and many other career-enhancing opportunities can be attained on Twitter by following the right people.

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