Just a Whisper – Poetry


By Oni, Adebosola Bolurin

She said she would keep herself:

“My dear husband will be the first.”

But no one, not even her;

Knows tomorrow nor the day after tomorrow nor the day after.

All we have to keep us going are:




Desired futures with a meaningful purpose.

Our body, mind, and spirit are made to be active;

But not destructive.

Often times they search for means to be pleased.

But should that warrant it to cause a human;

To wish to be deceased?

Countless times I have heard of it:


Just a whisper;

And voila!

So much fear in the minds and hearts of souls.

Why exactly do you exist to cause so much pain?

What in particular do you have to gain?

Do we have you to blame now?

Or the living tools you use to carry out your desires?

It is said that we humans are bound to the temptations of the flesh;

But we have been given the gift of Free Will;

A gift wrapped with strength to desist from all evil if we so will it.

“I cannot control myself,I need what I want” he says;

“It was what she wore!” they said;

“what if the tables were turned?” they defend;

All these factors to prove a point!


The only factor is the decision made to violate;

The inability to tame the mind.

Whichever ever you are:

Female, male;

You must value the concept of responsibility;

Be careful of the way you think, speak and act.

You must remember that we are the subject of our actions, too;

Both the visible and invisible ones!

Therefore ask yourself before you act:

“Of what advantage will my actions truly be?”

“Will I be hurting another if I carry out this action? “

“How will the repercussions of my actions affect others and myself?”

You must never harm others to achieve your selfish desires.


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