Nothing Justifies Rape – Poetry


By Alobu Kelechi Emmanuel

Let the truth be told.

Let all hearts be bold.

Nothing justifies the act;

That makes her shattered and cold.

“Her dressing was lascivious.”

Oh! are you serious?

But your excuse, isn’t it frivolous?

Dear, can’t you be pious?

“She wanted and liked it too!”

Hmmm! how did you know?

“It’s the work of the devil.”

But you rejected the warnings of heaven!

“She’s sexually attractive.”

Guy control your urge.

“It’s normal where I live.”

Then, together we can end this scourge!

“She’s forming too hard to get.”

Brother, is that enough reason?

“She rejected my proposal.”

Look, there wouldn’t be any refusal,

Of the proposal,

For you to visit the prison.

Let’s say a big ‘NO’ to Rape.

Let’s prove that we’re not Apes.

The scourge of rape we can escape.

When we know that real men don’t rape.

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