Where Do I Begin?


By Esther Jospeh

Do I begin with the day to day increment of rape cases? or the cries, tears, excruciating pain of the victim or  do I begin with the delirious notion that the victims are at fault or do I begin with a noxious person who couldn’t comprehend the word ‘NO’.

Rape is a sexual harassment that is not just physically harmful to it’s victim but harmful in all ramifications: mentally, socially, academically. Sex is an agreement between two people but when one party is against it, then that’s it. It’s over. 
Derilious  notions made, are that, the victims are at fault for either wearing provoking outfits or they deliberately lure themselves to their misfortune, and that the female enjoys the sex and calls it rape….all rubbish!

There is no excuse for rape and so therefore any body that is caught in the act should be punished severely or by the law…

Rape has been going on for a long time now but, should I say it’s just coming into light now because it has become appalling. we are fond of not dealing with issues while they’re little, we let it escalate till the point it’s beyond our control or we treat it lightly. And  if this lackadaisical attitude keeps going on, more women will keep getting subjugated to this form of extreme violence and torture and the society will keep producing women who think of themselves as profane; women who are hostile, melancholic, morose.

Of what good is a society filled with vengeful and wistful women???
Everyone is angry, looking for who to put the blame upon: the government, the men , the women. But who is truly at fault???

Truth is it’s nobody’s and everybody’s fault. How much do you care? How much do I care or how much does the government care. Are we just protesting because we feel like exercising our legs or we really want justice and want to set things right???

When we live in a world where nobody is concerned about anybody, where no one cares about those who cannot standup for themselves, where everyone is misanthropical then, ‘rape isn’t the worst thing but indifference is’
Let’s stand up for girls or women who can’t defend themselves.


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