A tale of distress – Poetry


By Rachael Adeoti

Thighs apart,

to accommodate an unwanted visitor,

Agonizing groans,

protesting the pain of each lustful thrust,

legs swing,

fist clenched,

all to her salvage looted treasury.

She was twenty two,

or so I think,

willing to deprive sleep of its gentle tingles,

then you came,

groomed in black desires,

brimming with every evil combustion,

shattered and scattered,

she died before she died.

My pen bleeds in distress

So I think this quill needs a little relieve, 

else its angry tears will soak up my innocent paper.


paradise intruded,

The aged treasure is in pieces shredded,

Pains clash with pleasure,

The forceful thrusts are countless to measure.

“Please stop”,she painfully mourns,

but His serpentine desires fiercely burns,

who shall rescue her from this beast

She’s already in hell without death.

In between the pains and tragic dream,

She attains a disgraceful orgasm,

Not that she enjoys the devil’s drill,

But the demands of sex will always be real.

Oh no,that pain she bears,

I can’t utterly confess,

My heart burns as I write this,

The pain of the raped is void of bliss.

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