By Adebowale Oluwaseun Opeyemi

“Fine babe, pretty girl.”

You hail her

She feigns deafness,

Clutches her bag tightly to her chest,

Walks as fast as her legs could carry her.

“Babe, I love you. Just give me one chance.”

You say to her.

“No, thank you. I’m not interested.” 

She refuses.

She changes her path home;

She takes the pain to walk the longer path

Because of you

She avoids the street like a plague

She walks in fear, her security uncertain

Because of you.

You trailed her,

She became your pawn.

Her ‘NO’ was a No for you.

You wanted her,

You wanted her body,

She was an object of use to you.

Without weighing the odds,

The repercussions,

The indelible scars she would be subjected to,

The many sleepless nights she would sustain,

The many times she would cry herself to sleep,

The many deaths she would die every second.

You couldn’t care less

Your emotions clouded your innocence

Your drive was in full swing

Your demon was unleashed.

You attacked her

You attacked her territory

You attacked her safe haven

You pinned her down, 

Shoved her mouth with your wet handkerchief

Tore apart the gate to her palace.

You rolled your eyes

Sticked out your tongue

As you beheld

The same path 

Through which 

You were born

The same path 

That will now be subject 

To your brutality.

You pounced on her 

Like a hungry lion

You devoured her.

With every thrusting

You shredded her to pieces

And burnt her bridges.

To your satisfaction

To her pain and shame.

Her tears, a charade to you

Her pleas like clanging cymbals

Her pain, your entertainment.

You found out 

She was a virgin

You defiled her

Your heart rejoiced even more.

You could boast to your friends

You could narrate to them

How perturbed and helpless she looked

How she winced, shrieked and jerked

As she pleaded and wailed

To get her freedom back. 

You spat at her face

After your hunger 

For pleasure was fulfilled.

She wept.

She cried.

She cursed.

But it could not be undone.

She pinched herself

Till her arms grew sore

Just in case

It was one of her 

Many bad dreams.

But it was true

It was real

The deed had been done.

“I’m ruined.” 

She weeps.

She stares hard at the bottle

She swallows hard.

“Death is better.” 

She consoles herself.

She gulps down the content

The burning sensation on her tongue

Was supposed to repel her 

Instead she drank more

And then more 

Till she exhausted the liquid.

The burning sensation

Could not be compared;

To the pain

The anguish

The self-guilt

The tormenting nightmares

The suicidal thoughts

She nursed

On a daily basis.

She gave up on living

She said ‘Yes’ 

To the world beyond.

Because of you

Because of your untamed urge

Because of your ferocious desires.

A daughter

A sister

A friend

A colleague

A wife

A mother

A nation

A generation.

Now in the cold hands of death

Wiped away

Because of You.

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