By Muyiwa Adekojede

The ASUU President, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi noted that a new payment system, University Transparency and Accountability Solution (UTAS) will be presented in a letter written to the Zonal coordinators, chairpersons, and members of ASUU Ibadan chaired by professor Ayo Akinwole.

Prof Ogunyemi explained that IPPIS is “a business venture of some interest groups” and he warned members of the Union not to be a barrier in their aim to reject IPPIS.

The Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) had earlier fuel the disagreement between the federal government and ASUU. ASUU inclined that the system is not ‘just’ enough for its members. Ogunyemi asserted that the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation had schemes to delude and pressurize ASUU members to take in the worst on IPPIS.

Once the payment issue is fashioned out, the union will, therefore, go into a logical conclusion with FG about the ongoing strike, Prof. Ogunyemi assured.

As expected, the vested interests are uncomfortable with the emergence of the university transparency (UTAS) because of its potential for exposing the IPPIS fraud,” ASUU chairman,Ogunyemi said.

“The impression earlier created was that no further payment of salaries could be made without “data capture,”

“However, the IPPIS office has forcefully migrated all academic staff in federal universities to the platform and what is being done now is to “formalise” the process.”

“Deliberate withholding and distortion of salary paid by the office of the Accountant-General of the Federation (OAGF) are ploys to hoodwink and arm-twist ASUU members to swallow their vomit on IPPIS.”

“At this stage, it is unedifying to see ASUU members filling to the Bursar’s Office of OAGF for IPPIS data capture. Apart from betraying the Union, many of those who attempted to ‘go solo’ have also been ridiculed beyond description. Even non-members respect the ASUU for its informed and principled position on IPPIS,” he said.

ASUU chairman later said that as united, the union will be able to “negotiate and secure what is good for Nigerian academics and our university system.”

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