By Precious Abiola

Are we supposed to still be at home after 5 months of sitting at home? Is ASUU really concerned about the students?

The Academic Staff Union of Universities has decided to continue the strike action until FG addresses their demands.

The strike action began 3 weeks before the lockdown caused by the Corona Virus Pandemic. Now that the lockdown has been eased, students are eager to go back to school but ASUU is prolonging the strike claiming to be fighting for the students.

“If this strike is getting too long without getting the expected results, it’s best we move on. If they say it’s for own good, they can’t keep us at home for too long, it will affect us badly. Two elephants are at war (FG and ASUU) , the grass (Students) are suffering it.” A Nigerian student laments.

“This strike is not for the good of the students at all, my mates in Private Universities are already in 300l. They are just slowing our education down and it’s affecting us.” Another student complained.

While ASUU claims to be fighting for the benefit of the students, the students on the other hand seem to be in disagreement with this claim.

“The strike is bad in the sense that they are wasting our time and our lives, feels like they aren’t bothered about the lives they are ruining, and are only after their pockets.” A student expressed.

But the question is; is striking the only way ASUU can get their demands from the Federal Government?

Stay tuned…….

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